Veterans Against Pedophilia

We the Military Veterans, of the United States of America, demand swift and comprehensive laws to combat pedophilia, in all its forms. This is a peaceful, apolitical petition, removed from conspiracy theories and emotional hyperbole. Our movement is based on facts from the medical and scientific communities. We seek to consolidate all existing grass roots efforts to support and defend ALL children within the United States of America, regardless of nationality, religion, gender, status, or political affiliations. Specific law enhancements and regulations are as follows;

1. Abolish Underage Marriages
- Political Asylum seekers can be denied access to the United States of America if they are unwilling to adapt to Federal Laws that protect persons under the age of 18. They must waive their specific religious rights to marry underage persons.

- Declare underage celibacy and innocence a protected religion. Every child in the United States of America can be appointed appropriate council when being considered, forced, urged or persuaded into underage marriage.

2. Implement Contact Tracing for Known Sex Offenders
- Expand sex offender registries to record known public affiliations that interact with minors (e.g. Boy Scouts of America, American Legion, Boys and Girls Club). Encourage organizations to do their due diligence in social responsibility.

- Utilize data governance, via quarterly reports, to connect the proverbial dots and determine demographic information from a National level that is communicated at local and state levels;
. States with the heaviest child sex trafficking violations
. Counties with the heaviest child sex trafficking violations
. Circumstances surrounding child sex trafficking violations
. Sex offender nationality, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliations
. Sex offender financial standing
. Victim's household economic standing
. Any and all legally available information that can be attained the same way advertisers pinpoint their intended audience.

3. Develop and Implement Federal and Industry Online Algorithms to Identify Sexual Predatory Behaviors
- Government must provide Industry with standardized and regulated anti-child pornography software, with real time reporting functions that feed into a national database, for the purpose of identifying online sexual predatory behavior.

- Private corporations must be required to notify all employees of embedded preventative software on Industry equipment.

We the Military Veterans of the United States of America demand an immediate 50% reduction in underage marriage/child sex trafficking/child pornography activity - quantified by police reports, predictive analysis and decreased cases. Within five years, we expect zero tolerance and 100% reduction of underage sexual abuse, in all its forms.

4. Use those wealthy, influencing Washington D.C. Think Tanks to close the loop holes
- No underage marriages in the United States
- Child pornography illegal in the United States
- Zero tolerance for pedophilia hiding in churches

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