Veterans Against NAIS

American Veterans will not stand for this intrusive waste of tax payer money.

Throughout our history, veterans of every stripe have answered our country's call to serve and defend our beloved nation. Memories of home and family, their cherished way of life and their hopes and dreams for the future made it possible for our veterans to endure unimaginable hardships. Countless of these brave men and women drew strength from warm thoughts of family life back on the farm or ranch. Even more dreamed of returning from service to their country finally able to realize a lifelong dream of owning a piece of land and providing for their families and their country once again by raising food. Our country's farms and ranches are made up of these rugged folks who know how to respond when duty calls.

Now recently comes this program called National Animal Identification System (NAIS). Born of greed for more profits from big businesses and crammed down the unsuspecting throat of every person who owns one livestock animal, even one chicken, one horse or one goat, NAIS would subject millions of farmers and ranchers and tens of thousands of veterans to the biggest intrusion of privacy and violation of private property rights in the history of mankind. By forcing every veteran who owns even one animal to register their premises and report every movement of every animal they own to the government within 24 hours, NAIS would subject veterans who raise even a backyard flock of chickens to more government surveillance than illegal aliens, terrorists, and child molesters. If you support our veterans, you should be outraged.

Most people have never heard of NAIS for a reason. It has not been widely covered by the media and we were not asked if we want to participate in it. A simple online search for "NAIS opposition", however, will provide you with all the information you need to know about this unpatriotic program that has already wasted over $100 million of our tax payer dollars. The initial level of public resistance to NAIS has already provided signs that the program will eventually collapse due to ongoing overwhelming opposition. Smart polititians are already distancing themselves from it.

To our president, representatives in Congress, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and any State representatives who may be foolish enough to support NAIS,

We are your nation's veterans. We have answered your call and served you with honor and dignity. You cannot dismiss our voices. We are your greatest patriots. We have been willing to bear any burden, sacrifice our health and even lay down our lives for our country when needed. Now you ask too much. We do not take our freedoms lightly. We know full well their cost. We paid for them, many of us dearly. We deserve to enjoy the ability to raise food for our families and our neighbors without this level of intrusion and we will not tolerate NAIS. This was never part of the bargain we made with the great country we love. If you are in support of NAIS, you have been mislead, but we are willing once again to lead you out of the darkness. Remember, for every misguided veteran or person in uniform trotted out in support of NAIS, there will be a hundred of us to answer. We have emerged victorious from much greater struggles than this before. You still have time to reverse course and abandon this program. NAIS is an unwise, intrusive and wasteful idea whose time has passed. Rest assured, if you insist on moving forward with NAIS, we will stand together and we will defeat it.