Veteran GI Bill Education Benefits Should NOT expire after 10 years.

Veterans who complete their military service agreements should be allowed to used their benefits when they choose.


In the spring of 2009 Travis entered college for the first time. He was laid off from his job of nearly 9 years as an Aviation Mechanic "due to changing global economic conditions."

Travis had served active duty with the US Marine Corps from August 1995 thru August 1999 and received several awards and accommodations for his service. While in the Marines he paid a portion of his earning into the GI bill program in order to maximize his benefits for college.

After active duty Travis was obligated to remain on reserve status until April 21, 2003. Travis received an Honorable Discharge on June 27, 2003.

Despite having never used his Montgomery GI Bill Education Benefits Travis was told by the school education officer his benefits would expire 10 years from his last date of active military service.

This rule gave Travis only 2 semesters of benefits when he was entitled to 36 months of benefits.

Many US military veterans have life circumstances that prevent them from using their benefits immediately out of military service. Therefore it is important that:

GI BILL EDUCATION benefits should NOT expire until after the 36 months of benefit entitlement has been used by the veteran.

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Public Comments (1,874)
Feb 13th, 2018
Someone from Orlando, FL writes:
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As an adviser in education, I come across so many veterans that want to go to school to better themselves; however, due to the fear of loans, rejection, and/or whatever else they run away. Moreover, they believe that they are still entitled to the GI Bill that he or she paid into. I never have the courage to give any bad news; therefore, I advise him or her to call the VA hotline. I cringe when I hear of veterans getting passed over for a deserved promotion because they do not have a piece of paper but know the job the best. There are approximately 900,000 unemployed veterans and this number is outrageous to me. I can only imagine how the GI Bill could help these veterans not only get a job, but get a sense of pride, confidence, and a sense of purpose. Stop the ridiculous expiration and allow the veterans to make the choice of using a benefit that was promised and paid into. Semper Fidelis means a lot to me and taking out the expiration rule across the board will show that our representatives are faithful to all service members.
Sep 25th, 2017
Someone from Denton, TX writes:
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This is a great idea
Jul 7th, 2017
Someone from Cartersville, GA writes:
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I am a veteran and never used my benefits. I would love to use them someday . I cannot believe they expire. I like a lot of veterans want this benefit to be a lifetime benefit
Apr 28th, 2017
Someone from Las Vegas, NV writes:
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I was deployed to Persian Gulf & Operation Restore Hope / Operation Continued Hope in Somalia I like a lot of Veterans had my life turned upside down due to PTSD & other service connected injuries after I was Honorably Discharged in 1996. It has been a long hard road since then but I have worked hard to try to have a somewhat normal life. I am not writing this looking for pity. What I am writing this comment is to remind congress that there was Veterans who served honorably and many was put in harms way Post Vietnam & before 911. It seems that anyone who served Post Vietnam / Pre 911 have been forgotten and our sacrifices have been marginalized by our government & the American public in general to the present day. I was promised when I paid into the GI Bill that I would be able to use it when I needed to. I was never told that I would have a arbitrary expiration date to use it by and if I didn't the DOD would legally steal my buy in money. There should be no expiration date on MGIB.
Apr 25th, 2017
Someone from Berkley, MA signed.
Apr 7th, 2017
Lorinda H. from Warden, WA writes:
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For those of us who served in the military during peace times, access to VA Health Benefits, Protected Veterans Status for Employment purposes, or a host of other benefits are unattainable. Many veterans who served during times of conflict, without actually serving in a life threatening role, are eligible for these benefits. All military personnel joined with the understanding that they may be called to sacrifice, and are willing to potentially give their lives to protect the freedoms of our country. We were trained to fight and were ready to answer the call if needed. As it turned out, we were not needed. The result being: our time in the military no longer is relevant. We are invisible veterans for all intents and purposes. Not only are we ineligible for free veterans benefits, but we also loose the one benefit we paid in to with our hard earned money. Some of those monies we earned serving overseas and far from our loved ones. That benefit was lost to us because there was an arbitrary expiration date placed on it. For many of us who contributed to the Monthomery GI Bill, the demands of life got in the way and we were unable to use it in the allotted time. Later in life, when circumstances changed, we found ourselves at a point where we could go back to school and use our schooling benefits, but they were gone. Does our service to our country mean so little? It would appear so. We are the unrecognized, unseen, unimportant veterans.
Mar 29th, 2017
Someone from Lincolnton, NC writes:
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I didn't realize and was never told that my GI bill would expire (Active Duty 1987-1991) I did not use any of the benefit. I paid extra money every month into the GI bill and I dont understand why this benefit would ever expire. How can a benefit that we earned expire? Please fix this.
Feb 23rd, 2017
Someone from Seminole, FL writes:
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Disabled and would like to keep my brain going. My GI bill has also expired. I was also promised an extra 40k by my recruiter, for additional educational assistance. it was 20 years ago, can't seem to find out anything about that. I did my part. But,wow.
Feb 23rd, 2017
Someone from Seminole, FL writes:
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Disabled and would like to keep my brain going. My GI bill has also expired. I was also promised an extra 40k by my recruiter, for additional educational assistance. it was 20 years ago, can't seem to find out anything about that. I did my part. But,wow.
Feb 12th, 2017
Someone from Omaha, NE writes:
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Its now 20 years after I served, I have been laid off and am now looking to further my education. I looked into the GI bill and to be honest it surprised me that they expired. I did not serve just for an education, in fact that was an afterthought. I would posit that many of us who served for reasons aside from education never gave it an afterthought when we were discharged and went into fields we had been trained for, all the time not knowing they expired. These benefits aren't free. We pay for them while we serve. Why should they expire when the money paid in earns them interest all those years.

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