Trump has other persons ahead of him ,for violations of the constitution Jack Smith is discriminating against veterans that are having constitution rights not upheld by VA I as Jack sith to uphold my rights against bthe VA deprivation Of civil rights under color of law and dirty VA employees violations 18 title usc 242 and 241 . Smith is a hypocritical person that is guilty of aiding and abetting overlooking time you people are giving VA to do more constitution crimes against me like fiduciary when I can handle my own vw a funds . It is dangerous to enter VA property because of bad doctors and cops. I refuse to go there. Overt violations by Biden and Clinton and Trump condoning veterans being giving low pay and despicable treatment at va and kidnapping and forced having to explain how VA disability benefits are spent. Violations of 18 title usc sect 245 federally protected activities. To overlook is to deny the public interest in a fair and timely administration of justice as well as reducing the veterans administration the opportunity to commit crimes while on federal civil rights lawsuit claims . Current public official should be pulled out of their seats. Playing Russian roulette with the law. Prohibited willfully injury financial or att to do so because he is a disabled veteran the world's police,we will not fight your wars ,slavery abolished . Illegal VA complaints strategy discrimination called disruptive behavior red flag committee is the people that be prosecuted before Trump because they were committing felonies to veterans before Trump was there. Silence is complicity.