VA Philadelphia PA Michael j Cresenz and Central Arkansas VA hospital are a collective failure of staff doing deprivation s of rights under color of law

Veterans deaths and harrassment threats e mails and phone call threats are threats to my safety ,these are real threats ,not hypothetical or speculation, . Not upholding constitutional rights from top to bottom from judge to janitor.
Deaths at va hands are not wrongdoings the va settles for settlements that admit no wrongdoing. The wrongdoings are still there. VA has employees that pleaded guilty to theft, bribery wrongful death ,conspiracy to deprive rights under color of law. They failed to take action and later lied about what they knew according to court documents. Deaths occur because of repetitive persistent fraud ,the deaths are not a result of inadvertent ir a lapse in judge but a completely preventable result of deliberate choices made by the VA who knew he / had the constitutional duty to provide medical care veterans are entitled to basic human dignity. We will never get involved with a rich man's war like Vietnam, how do you ask a man to be the last to die for a mistake. I have put in a claim for damages in the amount of 700 billion class action suit dav represents me. Rejoice O young man in thy youth Ecclesiastes 12:19