Dear President Joe Biden
Dear Senator Dick Durbin
Dear Senator Tammy Duckworth
Dear Congressman Danny K. Davis

Investigation needed on the US Attorneys Office for the Norther District Eastern Division Dirk and Federal Building 219 S. Dearborn St. 5th Floor Chicago, IL 60604 US Attorney John Lausch Jr., for his FRAUD UPON THE COURT, due to reason of a MRI from April of 2016 that that is out dated due to Mr. Cobbs, filed his federal court case docket no. 1:18-cv-00859 in the physical year of 2018.

MRI from the physical year of 2016 was not only out dated but and also has no ties to Mr. Cobbs, getting a physician to exercise a complied with section 2-622 of the Illinois Healing Malpractice Act, 735 ILCS 5/2-622, which requires any plaintiff asserting a medical malpractice claim under Illinois law to file with his complaint an affidavit and written report from a qualified health professional to certify that the plaintiff has a reasonable, potentially meritorious claim. Mr. Cobbs has not had a surgery.

The Court appointed 2 counsels that was unfamiliar with Mr. Cobbs federal court case docket no. 1:18-cv-08859 case docket no. 1:18-cv-08859, and both court appointed attorneys, stated in their on words that they did not know why federal court judge, Jorge L. Alonso appointed them on Mr. Cobbs, case that had nothing to do who their the practice of their law field, and judge, Jorge L. Alonso committed Fraud On The Court, and told, Mr. Cobbs that they had gave him/plaintiff ninety days to file an amended complaint along with a valid section 2-622 affidavit and physician’s report that was based under the basis based on fraud on the court and fraud upon the court.

After counsel withdrew, the Court gave plaintiff a “final extension” till May 22, 2019, to file the section 2-622 affidavit basis based on fraud on the court and fraud upon the court.
(May 1, 2019, Minute Entry, ECF No. 93.) On May 22, 2019, plaintiff filed a motion for a further extension, Which the Court denied. (May 24, 2019, Order, ECF No. 96.)
Plaintiff never filed the required affidavit and report, either before or after the May 22 deadline, and the government moves to dismiss on that basis.

Mr. cobbs filed his case in Federal Court in the physical year of 2018 and US Attorney John Lausch Jr., Continuance and repeated and extreme Criminal Acts, and Conspiring with the Congressman Danny K. Davis and Coconspirator with the new Cook County, IL Clerk of the Circuit Court et, al. New Head Cook County, IL Clerk of the Circuit Court, Cook County, IL new Head Circuit Court Clerk, IRIS MARTINEZ, Clerk of the Circuit Court located at the Richard J. Daley Center 50 West Washington - Suite 1001 Chicago, IL 60602 who has no clue as to how to run the Circuit Court System, being still ran by former Head Clerk of the Circuit Court Dorothy Ann. Brown, who has strong ties to VA employees, AKA VARO P.O. BOX 8136 Director Michael D. Olson, et, al. VARO P.O. Box 8136 gave Dorothy Ann. Brown Property exempt free. Using Veteran Mr. Cobbs, stolen VA Disability Compensation Claim, stolen by VARO P.O. Box 8136, Director Michael D. Olson et, al.

The US Attorney office needs to confiscate property located at the address of 8816 S. Constance Ave. Chicago, IL 60617 the property was given to Cook County, IL former Head Clerk of the Circuit Court Dorothy Ann. Brown Exempt Free, by former or present VA employee, et al., VARO P. O. Box 8136 Director of VARO (328) Michael D. Olson et, al., 2122 W. Taylor St. Chicago, IL 60612 and the Congressman Danny K. Davis whom has extremely strong ties to former Cook County, IL Head Court Clerk Dorothy A. Brown who corruption still running the Cook County, IL Circuit Court, broken court system, and with workers continuing to alter, fabricate, deface, and remove Mr. Cobbs court files from room 801 Domestic Relations and room 802 Law Division, employees refuse to give their names, and Mr. Cobbs has been prevented from filing his court cases starting in the year of 2017 to 2021 et, al.

Homeless Veteran Calvin Ray Cobbs Sr., Medical Treatment at Jessie Brown VA Medical Center Hospital et, al., has been denied, because of the soul reason due that, Mr. Cobbs reported corrupted VA employees at Jessie Brown VA Hospital Medical Center, and Mr. Cobbs filed case in federal court under case docket no. 1:18-cv-00859 and the VA employees, corruption being cover up by US Attorney John Lausch Jr., in the physical year of 2018.

Mr. Cobbs, was retaliated on, and placed on a illegal VA employees, Disrupted Behavior Red Flag Committee, whom is a group of 20 or more people formed by VA employees to punish any veteran that reports VA corruption is placed on VA Disruptive Behavior Red Flag Committee, leading to Mr. Cobbs homelessness and VA employees refusal to treat
Veteran Mr. Cobbs, medical needs, retaliation by VA employees, reason due why veteran Mr. Cobbs has been homeless since the physical year of 2017, and Mr. Cobbs is, still homeless to this present year of 2021, due to reason that:

During Mr. Cobbs, experience, it became very apparent that the deck was stacked against Mr. Cobbs, by US ATTORNEY John Lausch Jr., just because Mr. Cobbs continue proceeding as a non- represented by an attorney pro se litigant that is, representing himself, without an attorney. It's hard enough for a layman to win in court as it is, but the apparent disdain and discrimination that courts and judges. Mr. Cobbs is very unfortunate to receive justice in the Cook County, IL Circuit and Federal Courts.
Mr. Cobbs, pray for reforms from the President of the United States, to protect pro se litigant, Mr. Cobbs with meritorious civil cases in the Norther District Eastern Division Federal Court et, al.

Calvin Ray Cobbs Sr.
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Chicago. IL 60639
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