V2k is murder STOP the MASS SHOOTING!!

My name is Brian Bustamante and I am a victim of V2k mind control I have been on there kill list for 6 years now. It all started with Donald Trump they told me I was a sleeper agent for him then they said I needed to turn on my handler I am a American and I believe in justice so I reported this to the agencies and one secret service agent came and talk to me that’s it no investigation are nothing it don’t talk a rocket scientist to figure it’s people doing this and every TI can be a mass shooter so next time your in public you would no who is a T.I. I’m not a threat to no one because I know everything they do and I think it’s funny when they say they will torture me. They brag about the mass shooting in America and say that it’s needed for what reason who know and the thing is this will get out eventually and now it’s going to go one way or another ether the government has been killing all of theses Americans in the way of mass shootings, Murderers or suicides or a terrorize group has been doing this and the government will look like hero’s you seen what happen the cop that killed that African American. What do think will happen when they find out that there thousands of murders and when I say murders I mean it. V2k mind control is a remote control for humans and I’m am a witness to this they can make you walk I have felt both of my feet drag on the ground. They can make you talk I can feel the vibrations on my throat and hear there voice come from there. They blank your mind to make you feel like you can think and when you give them a answer they don’t like and to me they do this like 30 times a day hoping they will change my mind and they will say a sentence and try to make you believe that it was your thought and they will tell you that they took over your body they brag about the mass shooting and the murders they have done and they say that every agencies know what they are trying to do to me but I don’t live in fear not even with 24/7 so called torture because I believe that everyone gets what they deserve in the end all the people that are hide this murders eventually will pay the price for doing so it’s the universal law and this technology is more for spy work because they know everything you know and they can show you any image in your eyes they would show me the White House all the time with trump they did it for four years straight they would show me a image of a sniper wearing a military uniform and you would see him and then you would fallow the bullet go directly to his head it’s scary to think that someone in America has that in there computer and with that said anyone can be a victim to there stupidity and to be a murder victim. They can make you hit some one with more force and if you don’t believe me there is ways to find the implants and I would be will to testify in anyone behalf that what they and I say is true and I have reported this to the fbi and all they did was hang up on me I have the video on YouTube of this MINDLESSX3 is the channel and for my perp I laugh because they are witnessing in person the beginning of the end for a them because they know there nothing they can do to stop me from tell Americans they are the ones doing this to American kill I said every TI will get put on there kill list it just when they decide to do so and the sorry part is that if you look up mind control patents list everything i say is on there everything I talk about I knew before I found that list existed I just hope that you give are kids a chance to have a future instead of siding with cowards that are killing of our kids no one is safe until the truth comes out and one more thing they way the make a mass shooter is by recreating the feeling of there emotions it’s a actually shock to the chest for fear to blank the mind is the front right i of the forehead if you are looking at me when they are scrambling your brain is the side by the tempo and anger is the lower part of the back of your head where the next and the head meets and when they want to torture your body you will feel pain in between your joints and everything you do they will right it down and they will tell you think like it won’t work or any lie to make you do what they say and the one thing you can record with a audio device is the static noises that jam what they are saying so it won’t be recorded. GOD BLESS THE HOME OF FREE AND THE LAND OF BRAVE