USCIS to streamline the immigration process for professional workers

Approve The comprehensive immigration legislation (CIR) S.744 passed by the senate

This petition requests the administration and the USCIS to streamline the immigration process for law abiding, taxpaying, knowledge based and professional workers to obtain a permanent residency (Green Card) based on employment based visa category in a reasonable and foreseeable time frame. This is the most vexing issue especially for large number of candidates with long green card backlogs that in some cases extends well over ten years for some countries. Far too often, the focus in the immigration debate is on the illegal immigration. While people, who have entered the country legally, especially educated and professional candidates are left languishing for years, trying to maneuver through an antiquated immigration system. These are the people that one would think the United States will open the door to stay in the country.

The comprehensive immigration legislation (CIR) S.744 passed by the senate acknowledges the hardship and uncertainties involved in the long immigration process and limit the time to ten years that undocumented candidates have to wait until they can apply for citizenship. Needless to say the current legal immigration process imposes more uncertainty and hardship for those who follow the law. The notion that the undocumented candidates have to go back in line is also misplaced. The CIR allows more certainty and freedom in terms of residency and choice of occupation for undocumented candidates compared to those legally present and seeking an employment based permanent residency.

We request the administration and the USCIS to take steps and expedite the green card approval process for employment based visa category that in several cases does not require any new legislation. Following measures will help in alleviating hardships for those seeking permanent residency with persistent and severe backlogs. This effort will also set a good example for future immigrants on the values of following the legal immigration processes and making economic and social contribution for the United States. It will attract and retain talents that contribute towards the growth of the country especially in areas of technology, medicine, sciences and other knowledge based professions.

1. Allow (AOS) Adjustment of Status (filing I-485) upon I-140 approval so the candidates can use Employment Authorization (EAD) to live freely until they get their turn for receiving a permanent residency or the green card.

2. Allow dependent visa holders such as H4 to use the EAD while the primary visa holders are navigating through the permanent residency process.

3. Allow domestic renewal of H1B visas for those who are legally present in the US.

4. Remove the dependent visa counts from the annual green card quota for employment based immigration.

5. Remove per country limitation for employment based immigration.

6. Recapture unused visa numbers from prior years.

7. Remove age-out restriction for dependent visa holders if their permanent residenc