US Constitutional Amendment - No New Debt

A petition requiring an amednment to the Unites State Constitution requiring the federal government not to enter into any new debt.

If you are tired of our once great nation, as well as future generations of Americans, being slaves to foreign governments and entities, sign the No New Debt petition. The No New Debt petition would require a constitutional amendment stating that the United Stated Federal Government must:

1. Not enter into any new debt, in any form, including, but not limited to; bonds, notes and bills.

2. Indefinitely freeze tax rates at January 2009 levels, or lower, as to not over-burden taxpayers in order to pay for the federal government's extravagant social programs.

3. Devote a full 30% of the federal budget to paying off existing debt until such a time as the debt burden has been paid in full.

5. All taxes currently collected under specific titles such as; Social Security, Medicare, etc. should be placed in a fund that is to specifically be used for the purposes indicated in the title of the tax. The American taxpayers have been lied to long enough! The United States government should no longer place all taxes collected into a general fund to be spent as they choose.

6. Recognize that the American public is not ignorant, and will no longer sit blindly by while the elected officials run this once great nation into the ground.

By signing this petition, I am fully committed to seeing that the above constitutional amendment is ratified. I will take any recourse, afforded to me by law including, but not limited to, voting any elected official that fails to support the amendment out of office.

The local, state, and federal governments of the United States need to recognize that the voice of the people will be silent no more. A second American Revolution is upon us, and radical changes need to be made in order to control the oppressive and tyrannical federal government of the United States.