US Attorney's Office, Senator Dick Durbin, Senator Tammy Duckworth Covered up for VA employees stealing $ 6 Million of Veteran Mr. Cobbs VA Claim For Compenstation

Investigation needed on the Congressman Danny K. Davis who is a Defendant in Federal court Case Docket No.: 1:18-cv-00859 concealed, covered up and dismissed by corrupted Federal Court Judge JORGE L. ALONSO of the Northern District Eastern DIVISION FEDERAL
Court U.S. Attorney John R. Lausch Jr. (born 1970) and is the CORRUPTED UNITED STATES ATTORNEY for THE NORTHERN DISTRICT of Illinois, and KRISTEN RAU, ASSISTANT UNITED STATES ATTORNEY FOR THE, NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS AND - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE and Congressman Danny K. Davis has participated with VARO (328) P.O. BOX 8136 EMPLOYESS, since 2007 and CONGRESSMAN DANNY K. DAVIS, representative’s has possible excepted bribes, and pay offs from VARO (328) former representative, and BEN MONTGOMERY, and present representative Gerard Moorer, whom has (strong) ties with VARO (328) 2122 W. Taylor St. Chicago, IL 60612 Supervisor Marilyn Haywood who is the influence and RING LEADER of VARO (328) extreme corruption, altering, concealing, and removing and stealing VETERAN. Mr. Cobbs military Service -Connected Retroactive Back Pay along with Mr. Cobbs, stolen Original Service-Connected Disability Claim filed on Oct, 15, 1979, that was never ADJUDICATED, from Oct 15, 19791 to year 1999, Mr. Cobbs was injured while serving on active military duty and Mr. Cobbs Stolen IDENTITY, and military records and Mr. Cobbs, was cheated out of his Eelier effective date which was used by VA EMPLOYEES to Steal Mr. Cobbs Service-Connected Disability Pay. Plus, due to a Injury Mr. Cobbs Suffered while serving on active military duty, and VARO (328), Supervisor, Denise Pierce involved with Removing, Altering, Defacing, Concealing and Removing Mr. (Cobbs). Stolen military Identity, and Mr. Cobbs stolen military records. Found in another veterans file.

Jessie Brown VA Hospital Medical Center involved in Corruption. With the Congressman Danny K. Davis who has ties to VARO Director Michael D. Olson and Congressman Danny K. Davis has failed to represent Mr. Cobbs from physical 2007 to present year 20201and that:
Chicago VARO (328) Supervisor Marilyn Haywood and Chicago VARO Supervisor, Denise Pierce has strong criminal activity and corruption for decades starting in the physical year of 1979 to the year 2021 involving the theft of Mr. Cobbs stolen service-connected retro- active back pay that, involve the congressman Danny K. Davis who has ties to VARO P. O. Box 8136 owned by VARO P.O. Box 8136 Director Michael D. Olson.
Department of Veterans Affairs employees extreme negligence for decades has used, P.O. Box 8136 owned by VARO Director, Michael D. Olson stealing Mr. Cobbs Service-Connected Disability and Retro Active back pay, benefits, (Stealing possible $6 Million).
On June 12, 2019 Plaintiff Mr. Cobbs reported this similar story of his VA benefits being stolen by Department of Veterans Affairs VA employees to the U.S. Attorney Office for the following reason: The U.S. attorney's office has uncovered 20 altered claims and 246 fraudulent payments totaling $5.9 million. In quote of a similar story. Government needs to confiscate property that have been purchased with Mr. Cobbs VA stolen benefits, including 8816 S. Constance Ave, Chicago, IL 60649 given Exempt Property Tax Free to Cook County, Illinois Clerk of the Circuit Court Dorothy Ann Brown and her husband Benton Cook III.
Former Clerk at Cook County Recorder of Deeds Admits Accepting Cash Bribe in Exchange for Preparing Fraudulent Real Estate Deed, VARO employees and Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court, Dorothy Ann Brown involved in the Deed Fraud, that includes VARO P.O. Box 8136 owned by VARO Director Michael D. Olson et, al. Chicago Police Report No. JC281228 and FTC Report No.108195841 and Fraudulent Deeds at hand showing proof of VARO employees theft et, al., of Mr. Cobbs Stolen In-Serviced Military Records, In-Service Military Hospital Records and Service-Connected Retroactive back stolen by VARO and VARO (328) P.O.BOX 8136 Employees et, al. All matters being covered up by the Northern District eastern Division, US Attorney’s Office. Cook County Recorder of Deeds involved.
Mr. Cobbs is another brave Veteran, and whistle blower of corruption at two VA medical centers, Mr. Cobbs a service-connected disabled post era Vietnam veteran, who is trying to expose Veterans Affairs corruption. Mr. Cobbs story is all too familiar, similar to events that happened to other veterans, over the past year I have been meeting more and more Veterans and VA Whistleblowers and learning how the VA has a pattern of egregious misconduct. So, Mr. Cobbs believe that the VA Disruptive Behavior Flag Committee is behind retaliation on veterans influenced by VA employees, using VA police as enforcement bodyguards living a thug life, acting like street thugs protecting their interest in whom they protect which is corrupted VA employees pushing hiding call buttons on veterans who complain about VA corruption, and because it has happened to other Veterans and VA whistleblowers.

Mr. Cobbs is correct. When fighting corruption, corruption fights back. It appears the VA will go to great lengths to silence criticism and those who seek accountability for violations of policy, regulations, ethics, laws, abuse of power, and more. As a VA whistleblower, Mr. Cobbs, is all too familiar with government contracted computer and website hacking, and so are other VA whistleblowers.

Please wait for a copy of Mr. Cobbs continuance complaints to the VA complaint Hotline continuously given to the same VA employee who commits the misconduct/abuse, Mr. Cobbs prepared a Petition2Congress titled Expose VA Corruption on 5/28/2020. The more people who do this, the better Mr. Cobbs message will get out, and the less likely the few of us who do, will be targeted. Mr. Cobbs is seeking, a journalist will pick up his story and give it the national attention it deserves.

Mr. Cobbs has documentations that is evidence and can be used to also help others. It appears the VA only responds when there is public pressure. That is what it takes to help Mr. Cobbs to stop the harassment, to whom it may concern, please help Mr. Cobbs, by helping Mr. Cobbs, you help to protect other veterans from future abuses.
Mr. Cobbs is currently at risk of becoming homeless as of June 1, 2020, because as Mr. Cobbs is exposing VA corruption to VA complaint Hotline et, al., VA Police come running to each visit to all Mr. Cobbs visits to the VA due to the Disruptive Behavior Red Flag Committee. The VA has been conducting “Wellness Checks, but these visits have nothing to do with the “Wellness” of Veterans. Like in the past my case and others, VA Police have come knocking on a Veteran’s door to frame them.
See Related: Ex-police chief gets 10 years in ‘Cannibal Cop’ case (Richard Melitz was a former Veterans Affairs Bedford Massachusetts Medical Center police chief.) Melitz was serving as the VA Hospital chief of police during that period when he was plotting two different conspiracies which involved the kidnapping, rape, and murder of women. Former Bedford VA police chief pleads guilty to rape, murder plot.
Rutherford Institute.
“In recent years, military servicemen and women have found themselves increasingly targeted for surveillance, censorship, threatened with incarceration or involuntary commitment, labeled as extremists and/or mentally ill, and stripped of their Second Amendment rights. An important point to consider, however, is that under the guise of mental health treatment and with the complicity of government psychiatrists and law enforcement officials, these veterans are increasingly being portrayed as threats to national security.” Casualties of War: Military Veterans Have Become America’s Walking Wounded dated Nov 12, 2019 by John W. Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute.
But don’t just take it from Mr. Cobbs, there are many VA police officers who have blown the whistle on VA Police abuses, which include fabricating evidence and documents. Many of the victims are too afraid to speak out. But the only way to stop these abuses is to “Expose It – To End It”.
VA Police Abuses
Mr. Cobbs, Petition2Congress is for President Joe Biden to investigate the widespread abuse of veterans by some VA police whose acts of abuse include body slamming veterans resulting in death
“Paranoid VA officials use hyperbole and fear mongering to justify an unethical policy to reduce transparency while at the same time confirming that vets scare VA employees.” Paranoid VA Officials Paint Veterans as Crazed Psychos
Mr. Cobbs, a VA Police Whistleblowers.
Mr. Cobbs reported White House VA complaint Hotline that corruption reaches all levels of the VA bureaucracy: “And higher. It includes the facility directors who oversee the Chiefs. Jessie Brown VA Hospital not too long ago just got a new Chief, and no one knows if they can trust him, not because anything he has done or failed to do, but because vast majority of VA police at Jessie Brown VA Hospital have remained corrupted since the new chief of VA Police has been assigned to Jessie Brown VA Hospital.”
More VA Police Whistleblowers & Victims of VA Police Abuse.
“It comes down to the thin blue line: Officers don’t want to tell on other officers.
Army Veteran Calvin Ray Cobbs Sr., for the Petition2Congress: States VA Police Abusing Those Who Served, Veterans Affairs Police Are Supposed to “Protect Those Who Served.” They Have A Shocking Record of Brutality and Impunity dated July 8, 2019.

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