Urge your Senator to vote against anti labor amendment in S. 1507

An amendment added to the Senate bill S. 1507 to provide temporary financial relief to the cash-strapped Postal Service was adopted by a Senate Committee July 29. This amendment is detrimental to postal workers and the collective bargaining process.

The amendment, offered by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), would require arbitrators to consider the financial health of the Postal Service when ruling on postal contracts.

Under current law, arbitrators must consider the "comparability" of postal wages to employees in the private sector who perform similar work.

Arbitrators already routinely consider the USPS financial state as part of negotiations. To attach this requirement to the law would leave postal workers at a disadvantage and leave the collective bargaining process open to manipulation.

I ask that you please vote against S.1507 since this detrimental amendment is attached. Please leave the process of collective bargaining where it belongs, between the USPS and its employee unions. Postal workers will be at a major disadvantage if this bill passes and I ask that you please vote against it.