Urge the CDC to take action against surging unexplained disease

Condition seems to be highly contagious and is taking over people's lives and sanity

Thousands of people around the world, and the numbers continue to grow, are complaining of symptoms which include: crawling sensation, severe itching, stinging bites, skin sores and pimple-like bite marks. We continue to visit doctors and spend our money on senseless remedies, in a desperate attempt to put an end to our suffering. Many believe is microscopic mites, others believe is Morgellons...but in the end, none of us know with certainty what is the cause of this horrible affliction

We need Congress help urge the CDC to look closely and seriously into this mysterious disease that is plaguing and ruining the lives of thousands of people around the world. Urge the DEP investigate the pests responsible for this infestation.

Please take our plead seriously and help us !