Unlawful removal of a child from abuse victim

DCS Arizona took placed my granddaughter in a foster home based on false allegations made against my daughter by her abusive husband. The false charges were dismissed by the police department but the Department of Child Safety kept my granddaughter in a foster home for 5 months. It cost our family nearly $50,000 to relocate to Arizona and hire attorneys to get her back. The department of child safety removed my granddaughter from her from her mother’s custody for not following a danger plan she was never given. In fact they made the decision to remove my granddaughter without having ever met my daughter. There was no due process at all. My three year old granddaughter was placed in a foster home and then was molested by an older child in the foster home. I would not have believed this could happen in this country if I had not seen it with my own eyes. I was approved to be her Kinship Guardian right away but it never happened. We are an good family with a very solid value system (And solid financials). It was a heartbreaking season of our lives. Please make sure this does not happen to law abiding, upstanding citizens. The unnecessary removal of children from their parents needs to stop. Each child who is removed in the state of Arizona (And is placed in a foster home) generates $83,000 of income. I would be happy to share more of my story if needed.
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