Unfair trials and unjust punishment

Protect the innocent they need our help

Polk County Florida has the most unfair and unjust sentencing in all of Florida for ?Child Pornography?. Granted some and probably most deserve what they get. On the other hand there are a few that don?t. Now were talking four years to life and the conviction rate is staggering. The jury?s that are picked are so sold out because of all the publicity and air play that no one gets a fair trial and automatically get a major sentencing. There are different proven stories of older men in and around Polk County having sex and sodomizing young girls just getting time served and probation. Isn?t that worse? After all this whole ?Sting Operation? that is Grady Judd? baby, is supposed to protect the young children. Also how does taking away part of the life from someone possibly innocent and locking them up because there were images in the background of a computer protect any child. A lot of porn images can be down loaded with out people even knowing it through sites like Lime Wire and others. The same way as a computer virus is loaded but we don?t ask for a virus. Again some people do have serious psychological and probably uncorrectable problems. Doesn?t everybody have a fair right to a trial? Ninety percent of the inmates charged with Child Pornography are afraid to go to trial because they know it?s inevitable of the outcome. So they plea bargain and get prison so called a lesser sentence. So where does justice work here? The DA won?t except any plea without serving lengthy prison time. The severity of the punishment is unjust to say the least. Example, if you were to look at a video involving lets say rifles, would that make you a killer? Or if you look at a video of sexual content does that make you a rapist? I think not on both scenarios. So why if there are only traces of images or maybe pictures does that make them a Child Molester. So why are most of these people treated as hard core criminals and some as low as 20 years old.

What we need is to protect the innocent with fair trials and fair treatment. Quit letting Grady Judd get away with this money making scam and hurting the ones who don?t deserve it. Enough is enough.