Unfair Treatment In This Economic Climate

Many of those who are obligated to pay child support or those who are recently released from prison having to pay child support, I think its unfair to prosecute them to the fullest of th law because of the lack of jobs.

I have family and friends going through this ordeal as I speak unfortunately, They are looking for employment and its hard to find something that is not out there. My best friend has a child support hearing on Friday but everyday since being release from prison he has been trying to find employment with no luck. He can't go outside the area in which he stays because he can't obtain a license until he pay fines and he can't pay fines until he finds a job. On Friday he might be going to jail for neglecting to pay his child support because he can't find employment and that is unfair. I'm asking that the judicial system will be a little lenient during times like this. No man should be penalized for something he has no control of.