Unfair tactics and unethical practices

I have been fighting for my grandkids for well over a year, long distance. The case was handled unethical, improperly and both grandparents on both parents sides has shown interest and ability to provide, sustain and protect these babies. Yet they have been molested/raped in the hands of foster parents due to an additional placement. The placement was removed and the court and cps workers still have these kids in the same home that failed to protect them. Supposedly my daughter failed to protect and still due to inability to secure housing and employment is considered non compliant but there are family members able to take care of them, love them and protect them. The system in Florida did it to me in my youth and is now repeating it now with my daughter. I need help by all means. Help me save my grandbabies!!! I have gone above and beyond to jump through all the cps hoops and still no emergency placement for my grandsons. The corruption and detriment caused by the family courts and the CPS entity must be addressed and remedied. Make it stop and stop making all of our children pay for the decisions that don't affect these officials in anyway shape or form. Please Help!!!!