unfair child support system

who monitors child support the buddy system?

I pay an amount of dollars a month in child support and the system is set up to hang people . how am i supposed to live even with a job and working how am i going to pay my bills eat or even have a life . if i cant pay i go to jail . they put people like me under a bus they don't care how we survive eat or if we can even afford a living as long as the child support get paid . they should investigate people getting this because some of these child support cases is out of spite i know i been through it twice . i can see if i didn't be around pick up take and spend time with my kids , but i do and the kids getting the support is even being taking care of like they the court order says. what good is it to pay when the people that lose is the kids and the one paying . the name of the game is who get there first wins . what ever happen to fairness ? I can take better care of my kids then what they take from me and i see go to waste . i have a kid that should of been in they third yr in college off my support but look at them now that cant obtain a GED thanks child support for wrecking lives .