Unfair Child Support

Rights for the paying parent

My ex lied in court to get custody of my son when I divorced him. He told the court I am flight risk and if I got custody he would never see our son again. Even though my ex is violent and suicidal he got custody. I dont even get all of my parenting time I am orderex because he refuses. I pay child support cor the summer when my son is in Ohio with me. My ex gets 3 free months of child support. I am paying $375.50 a month for one child. I am currently on unpaid medical leave due to have a major surgery. Michigan is still adding up child support even though I can not work. I paid my child support directly out of my pay check when I was activly working and Michigan claimed they did not receive most of the payments. Where is the justice for the parent that has worked my child`s whole life while his dad did not. Michigan courts threw on 30 hours a week at minimum wage to create my payment amount. What I am paying for one child based off of $9.50 hour income is what My youngest sons dad was ordered and he was making $11.25 an hour. How is this fair?