Unethical CPS practice

MOHAVE county CPS agency not working in best interest of children despite their obligation to do so. Working under the facade of caring for children or proper intervention, but in fact actually displaying conduct that closer resembles tyranny or a clear desire to take advantage of the leverage they possess over the parents. At times even purposely and consciously antagonizing parents for what appears to be person satisfaction. Not prioritizing reunification and possibly interested in prolonging cases unnecessarily possibly for finding reasons.
It has been a long suspicion and concern that the agencies tasks with a much needed and crucial agenda of protecting our children have possibly become distracted on their mission from social services to a money making organization. Not to imply they remove children from homes to create federal and state profit. Possibly however extending (extensively) cases or adding on unnecessary objectives for parents to meet for the purpose of increasing and maintaining active cases to increase funding for following ficiscle year.
This not only is a great injustice on parents but also causes life long traumas too the children involved and billions wasted in tax payer dollars annually.

The goal of this petition is to request to publicize portions of statistical data regarding the department of child protective services results.

I. E.
Quarterly numerical data only (number of cases per county
1. Removals of children from parents
2. Reasons for removal
3. Reunification of children to parents

This will encourage accountability of effectiveness of the departments goals in protection of children as well as facilitating a reunification of children with their parents.