Truth, Integrity and Bi-partisanship in Governance

Do you want honesty in the United States political system? If so, send your voice to Congress. Let Congress know you expect truth, integrity and bi-partisanship!

We are Democratic, Republican and Tea Party. We are tired. We are tired of partisan bickering, stonewalling and dishonesty. We are tired of the right, the left, the liberals, the conservatives and the tea party nonsense.

We now have a new congress and we expect that congress to move the United States forward, not backward. You are our voice in governance. You may not be of my political party, but I demand that you conduct yourself in a manner that I can respect and support. I will not tolerate partisan bickering. I expect you to cross the aisle, not with demands, but with a solution.

I demand that you walk away from corporate dollars that support your agenda and your campaign. I demand that you tell lobbyists, no thanks, and close the door. You may owe these corporations and lobbyists favors, but I expect you to close that door, walk away, and work for your constituents, not what corporate America wants.

Like so many Americans, you, too, can lose your job.