Truth or Consequences for Corporate Owners in Politics

Congressperson, assert your Constitutional authority over Corporations under the Commerce Clause with a Joint Resolution with the force of law declaring: “A Corporation acting in any way to influence Federal elections does so ultra vires, voiding its owners’ limited liability, unless Congress grants specific exceptions permitting it."
This resolution aligns Congress with long standing Supreme Court Constitutional determinations. “The term citizen applies only to natural persons “ 75 U.S.168,p177. Non citizen persons do not enjoy the Constitutional “ right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances 83US36 ,p79; nor the right “To seek its protection, to share its offices or engage in administering its functions”73US 35,p44. As non citizen persons, Corporations have no more autonomous Constitutional Right to influence Federal elections than foreign governments.
The Limited Liability of corporate owners is a privilege not a Constitutional Right which may or may not be granted by legislatures under what ever conditions they see fit. The Citizens United decision did nothing to change this.
When the personal Constitutional Rights of a Corporation's owners are asserted to allow a Corporation to influence elections that Corporation is no longer operating as a separate entity and the owners should no longer enjoy limited personal liability.
This resolution leaves the question before Congress the same as it has always has been for legislatures: ‘What should an association of natural persons who incorporate be permitted to have done on their behalf while enjoying the privilege of limited liability?’
Even dishonest speech has a Constitutional right to be said but not without personal responsibility for the damage it causes. Truth is the only absolute defense. Circumspection and sincerity in political speech can not be enforced by the government but it can be encouraged by allowing the common law to take its course. This Joint Resolution sets the stage for making the necessary changes to Federal Jurisdiction and Rules of Civil Procedure to allow slandered political candidates to effectively seek redress under the Common Law.
The Seventh Amendment protects a Common Law Jury’s decisions from Supreme Court interference. A Common Law Jury’s power includes a possible award of Exemplary Damages sufficient to deter the slanderer and others similarly situated from doing it again. This type of damage is based upon the wealth of the slanderer not the amount of actual damage.

This petition was created and posted on line by an individual citizen person ( with little ability to promote the idea any further. The fate of this petition is now in the hands of you and your friends. It matters.

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