Treatment for ALS

I am writing this to plea with you all on behalf of all the patients and their families who are suffering with ALS. There is a bill H.R.7071 Accelerating Access to Critical Therapies for ALS Act that would enable the people with ALS the opportunity to fight this deadly disease and have a QUALITY of life for whatever time that they before this disease takes their life. H.R.7071 would fund early access to therapies that are proven to have success through clinical trials. There are therapies and treatments available right now that thousands of people with ALS the chance to fight and survive. There is no cure at this time but there are treatments right now that can dramatically slow down the progression and allow patients to live a quality of life. Brainstorm is the company that has created the very successful NurOwn treatments, but a certain number of votes are need to pass this Bill so that the treatments would be accessible to most patients. Please review the Bill H.R. 7071 and become a CoSponsor. Your choice could save 16,000 American lives. YOur consideration is greatly appreciated.
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