SSG Steven Wayne Dunn Toxic Burn Pit Victim Resources and Assistance Act

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SSG Steven Wayne Dunn Burn Pit Victim Resources and Assistance Act
Provide immediate mental and physical health care including mobility to service members and veterans’ categories as burn pit victims:

1) Mobility and Functionality for Burn Pit Victims: Instead of VA going on generalized clinical Contract, focus on the individual patient needs when the patient is unable to physically move.

a) Independence: to make burn pit victims as whole as possible through providing the proper individual adaptive technology which will allow them to regain some form of physical independence.
b) Adaptive Housing under the SAH Grant and others which will allow for specially adapted housing, driving and power mobility.

2) Repurpose The War Related Injury and Illness Study Center (NJ, California and DC) for proper identification and clarification by DoD and VA medical and military documentation related to Burn Pit Victims being exposed and medically treated for that chemical exposure in country without medically evacuation. Therefore, this recognition would be gateway for proper care and assistance for Burn Pit Victims.

3) Burn Pit Recognition Medal

4) Ensure that no burn pit victim is suffering financial calamities due to unaccepted rating by the VA out of being mislabeled and mis-rated.

5) DoD to maintain Comprehension and deployment medical records in a standardized-format get everyone on the same track. Benefits and AKO are two different formats. Army tosses it instead of giving it to the VA/
a) All individual standard medical form DD600 to be maintained in soldiers’ individual personnel records
b) All records to forward on to and maintained by The Dept of Veterans Affairs

6) Providing burn pit victims existing or needed care givers with the appropriate training and resources needed for aid and attendance based on the individual’s clinical record and recommendation.

7) DoD Post Deployment Health Assessments reorganized to identify known toxins per Periodic Operational Environmental Management Survey/P.O.E.M.S.

8) Add all possible known Diseases, Disorders and Syndromes link to known toxic chemicals in Combat Théâtre to Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits Presumptive List.

9) Remove Marijuana DEA schedule I classification allowing issuance to treat all known toxic chemical exposures.

a) Require all VA medical facilities to educate medical staff on CBD,THC benefits. reducing the need for narcotics or opiates

United Soldiers and Sailors of America is seeking the sponsorship of members of the United States House of Representatives to support the above-stated line items clauses which constitute the:
SSG Steven Wayne Dunn Burn Pit Victim Resources and Assistance Act

Steven Wayne Dunn,
Burn Pit Victim
Woodlawn, TN

Steven Wayne Dunn, of Woodlawn, passed away Thursday, December 1, 2016, at Centennial Medical Center.
Steven was born May 7, 1961, in Andrews, TX, to the late Robert Lee Dunn and Margaret Ann Flowerree Dunn.

SSG. Dunn was retired from the US Army, having served for over 20 years, including two tours in Iraq, one tour in Bosnia, and two tours in Afghanistan.

Steven is survived by his wife, Cathie Stewart Dunn; three children, Jeff Hunter Dunn, Jordan Lee Chase Dunn, and Jade Elizabeth Dunn, all of Woodlawn, TN; sister, Sharon Winona Walden and her husband John, of Mineral Wells, TX; and two nephews, John Robert Walden II and Will Walden.

This Act is dedicated to SSG. Steven Wayne Dunn’s service and sacrifice to our great nation.

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