To save the Seals in LaJolla,Ca. at the childs pool

The Seal Pool is Gorgeous and the Seals do not deserve to be moved and they hurt nobody !!

The Seal Pool here in LaJolla,Ca. is and has always been a huge attraction which everyone LOVES and also brings money into LaJolla but most of all I am a Huge Animal Lover, I feel it is vey very cruel for anyone to want to get rid of the Seals,they hurt nobody,they are beautiful to watch and they feel very safe where they are and thats very important for them. If anyone can be cruel enough to want to ban them from their territory that is pretty sad and it shows how people here in Calif. can be so inconsiderate.

So PLEASE help us here in San Diego and LaJolla and lets not let this happen !!!

This is extremely sad for me and others I have talked to !!!

Thank You-

Barbara Young