Tired of all the litter and graffiti in the Garden State?

Help Stop the Litter and Graffiti in New Jersey!

Have you noticed all of the litter and the graffiti popping up in New Jersey lately? Drive just about anywhere and you will see it.

New Jersey, better known as the ?Garden State? has unfortunately become a dumping ground for garbage and buildings, bridges, fences, and roadway signs have become sketch pads for inconsiderate people who feel it is necessary to destroy the environment and to decimate property. This unsightly problem is spreading drastically and it doesn?t seem like much is being done to address the problem.

Townships/municipalities, businesses and homeowners try to do what they can to remove litter and to mitigate the unsightly graffiti, however it?s not enough.

* We need strict laws enforced to help prevent littering and the decimation of public and private owned properties

* We need shared goals from municipalities that include cleaning roadways on a regular basis

* We need programs developed where people can volunteer with clean-up initiatives

* We need federal support structures that will drive action and will monitor progress

* Last but not least, we need everyone?s support

Please help to restore the ?Garden State? by supporting this petition. Our goal is to obtain enough signatures to get the attention of our government in order to implement positive change.

Show your support and be a part of the solution!