Tie Big Tech content moderation policies to First Amendment.

Over the past and present year, Big Tech has silenced Americans all over the Country with anyone who dare post anything that doesn't align with their "policies".

Our First Amendment right as Americans is freedom of speech, which we have seen trampled in the past year and heightened to lengths unfathomable in the past weeks. With Big Tech companies specifically targeting Conservatives and Republicans, discrimination is setting a dangerous precedent in this Country. Other companies have followed in the footsteps of Big Tech and adopted this atrocious discriminatory behavior. People are now losing their jobs over posts they made on social media. A way to hold these Big Tech companies to legal standards that comply with the First Amendment in my opinion, would be to review section 230 to tie these companies moderation policies to the First Amendment. By doing this, Americans First Amendment rights will continue to be honored and protected as they should be. The dangerous behavior these companies are displaying cannot and should not be tolerated any longer.

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