This Country Needs To Wake Up And Help Our Animals In Need!

Help in the fight to protect our animals in shelters!

Dear Congress, I am doing this petition in defense of our animals that have been put into shelters across the United States.

There is a problem with our shelters in our country, (Mostly In The Southern States). These shelters are not allowing ample time for these animals to be rescued, or adopted. They are useing heart sticks, gas chambers, that have holes in the walls,and doesn't work the first time, as well as other means to have these animals die. Some animals are being abused in these shelters. I am asking you to make it a law, to extend the time these animals have before being killed, so they have a fair chance of being rescued, or adopted. There have been animals that have been wanted, but shelters are ignoring this and killing animals anyway.

The other concern is having inmates, threw work release programs, having the job of killing these animals in shelters. This is not a good rehabilitation method.
We are counting on you, our Congress, to change laws so these animals are protected.