The correctness of CPS Must Be Stopped ,the time is now!

The fact that CPS has been allowed to be above all law in local governmental agencies ,and profit from placing our children in foster homes and adopting them out is an outrage, and nothing less than selling our children.The fact that has CPS has been allowed to rip apart so many families ,and destroy so many children and parents lives forever is the most inconceivably evil and heinous crime committed against families in our country that I could imagine . How could you let such an important thread in the very moral fabric of our country like family become so insignificant and unimportant to the powers-that-be that there is no governing entity in place the monitor call accountable or even audit CPS on a regular basis .it's absolutely apauling that to prove a person guilty of a crime an attorney must prove Beyond Reasonable Doubt that that person committed a crime to be held accountable however to have a family ripped apart and a person's children forcefully taken from they're home and family only has to be a suspicion there of And not even a suspicion of law enforcement or suspicion buy a judge or somebody that one might have reason to believe capable of making an educated and and valid suspicion but anybody can call and make an accusation to CPS and that is enough of a suspicion to tear apart a American family