The Order of The Architect Lodge # 977 Petition to keep Norwood Elementary School from being closed and merged.

If you support investing in the future of historic schools in the city of Birmingham.

Norwood Elementary School has been a cornerstone in the Norwood community in Birmingham Alabama for over a hundred years. However, she is in peril of becoming an obsolete relic of our colorful and proud past. The Birmingham Alabama Board of Education wants to close Norwood, North Birmingham, and Lewis Elementary schools and merge them into one facility. While they would receive a new building they would be plagued with overcrowding. The ratio of students would be overwhelming and even simply daily tasks within each classroom would be hindered. Personal attention to students that need additional tutoring during normal class sessions would cease altogether. We need to take ownership of the current state of our communities by investing in our schools by keeping them open.

Norwood Elementary should be considered for the National Historic register. It is already on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage but should be preserved and renovated to be able to remain a working facility for quality learning. Norwood Elementary School should be on the placed on the National Historic Landmarks list.

Thank you for your support,

The Order of the Architect Lodge # 977

Modern Free & Accepted Masons of the World


attn Torrence Deyampert

1404 Hampton Place Vestavia, Alabama 35216



Torrence Deyampert, Montario Munford, John Kunkle, Perez Bry, Nicholas Reaves, Corey Jones, Gary Dixon, Chase Gossett, Sedrick Smith, Melvin Cloud, John Harris

In colaboration with,

The Collective Initiative