The Law of Contradiction (The Contradiction of Laws)

Helping protect America?s constitutional rights sense 2009, we at lobby for the best interest of the people! Don?t be hurt again by your government, take action now!

The Law of Contradiction (The Contradiction of Laws)

Purpose: To make our laws equitable, and not selectively interpretable by courts, steered to their personal biases.

Have you or a loved one been hurt or suppressed by contradictory laws that tend to take away your rights and freedom? Have they sent you running around with mixed up signals not know what you can do or not? Is your government running on whimsical opinions rather than constitutional facts? If so we want to here from you, what rights you have been deprived of, or no longer possess? If you agree with this pending bill below please sign our petition, and leave us feedback about how you?ve been wronged by your government, we want to hear from you! (by signing this petition you recognize your right to vote as a U.S. citizen, in the U.S.)

What we have proposed:

No law shall contradict any other law, and if so must be changed so as to not be contradictory or self conflicting in purpose! As in if a person can have an abortion because it?s their personal right, then so may they smoke marijuana or take a controlled substance as long as its not in violation of any other constitutional right! At this time we are neither endorsing nor apposing any laws, We are just trying to get some uniformity of understanding between the government and constitution, and thus we have contacted our representative to push this pending bill onto Capital Hill! Thank you for your support America,

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