The Kate Steinle Law

Five year prison sentence for those who have been deported and return to the US illegally.

In light of the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco by a 5 time deportee, the American People ask that this law be passed immediately.

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Public Comments (98)
Jan 14th, 2018
albert l. from Hialeah, FL writes:
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The protection of the american people should be priority over anything else.
Dec 21st, 2017
Someone from Grizzly Flats, CA writes:
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He has a history of NOT COMPLYING WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH FOR CONTAGIOUS TB TREATMENT AND WAS JAILED FOR IT. Immigrants that do not go through the legal process bring in deadly diseases
Dec 12th, 2017
Someone from Pleasantville, NY writes:
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He should be in jail for life In his own country ! Pass Kate’s law !! Immigrants should have the same punishment period !
Dec 8th, 2017
Someone from New York, NY writes:
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I’m sick and tired of special privileges going to illegals. Americans first.
Dec 5th, 2017
Someone from Hamden, CT writes:
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Americans first! No exceptions.
Dec 4th, 2017
Lori T. from Spokane, WA writes:
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No more Americans should be killed by illegals that should not be here in the first place. Shut these sanctuary cities down. They are unconstitutional.
Dec 4th, 2017
Robert L. from Coarsegold, CA writes:
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Please pass Kates Law !!!
Dec 4th, 2017
Melanie P. from Brandon, MS writes:
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Can we, as Americans, allow someone who has been deported 6 times for illegally entering America, be protected by Constitutional rights THAT DIDN'T PROTECT KATE STEINLE? An illegal gets a sanctuary city, food, shelter, healthcare, transportation ,a PUBLIC Defender .....That The Steinle family is probably paying for with their taxes. This is the most absurd situation. Why are we putting him on trial ? He isn't a citizen. He doesn't have to be a citizen, he can have all the perks without it. I cannot imagine how The Steinle family feels. Our Liberal Government with it's dumb ideas, WHY CAN'T WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN? There are Veterans in need of "Sanctuary City benefits"... JUST THINK IF WE WOULD TAKE CARE OF AMERICANS FIRST... LIKE WE USED TO. As, all Americans, my immigrant grandparents came here legally... it can be done. Quit protecting ILLEGALS with these Sanctuary Cities.
Dec 4th, 2017
Someone from Eureka, CA writes:
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This is a very sad state of affairs Justice is dead for Americans.
Dec 3rd, 2017
Raoul F. from Philadelphia, PA signed.

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