The heart and soul of democracy is cut out by prior bad acts propensity to conceal evidence is persistent and repetitive business records fraud

Merrick Garland should be put in prison. Falsus in uno. To let go crimes as unaccountable is destruction of democracy. Veterans affairs is violating 18 title usc 241 242 245 248 1st and 4 5th 14th usa is paradoxical failure va violates all constitution rights of mine and the stupid congress enact save our children act is a violation we have freeloaders and rubber stamps that should be deported or under the prison. Trump is a cult of felons that lose their bar card for suborning perjury. The judges are stripping veterans constitution rights and democracy that's what happens when they are not pulled off the bench . No immunity just long sentences. Trump is a chump, to the best of my knowledge no one finds you people and the crimes you do amusing. I can do better than this if a employee gets a complaint he should be removed a judge not following the constitution. Their are no candidates Biden is a criminal like chump Trump toast so is judges in this country that got us here. Let Ukraine fight it's own battles. Sam Nunn said usa will protect them ,look at the numbers millions dead by misses hitting occupied buildings. Everything you do to denuclearizes helps . Not. The veterans affairs is demeaning . Usa will be destroyed by some other country because the pay for disabled vets is too low . Stay out of Russia affairs . The job is too big. Your forcing children to be castrated in Nam and democratic architecture to a surrender. When I was in the usaf I could not find any competition. Peacetime veteran witnessing low pay and abuse a discrimination. Air force could not win in Nam. Mistake to bite off more than you can chew and vietcong win a war of attrition castration of weak minds in Washington the dumb voters.