The harms of Medical devices/Implants

For some, if not most people, once Medical devices/implants such as Essure, hip implants, pacemakers, silicone breast implants, and surgical mesh are implanted in the body, the body recognizes the devices as foreign objects and attempts to destroy them. During that process the body attacks itself causing severe debilitation symptoms including an autoimmune disorder, eventually leading to cancer. Doctors do not explain the possible effects of the implants before implanting them, despite the plethora of research supporting this claim. The worst part is some doctors will deny this after the patient comes back with complaints. This phenomenon is not new, there is a documentary by Netflix that explains this issue titled "The Bleeding Edge". Numerous celebrities also removed their breast implants due to this issue. Plastic surgeons are starting to admit the impact of breast implants, recognizing it as Breast Implant Illness, although it has not been classified as a formal diagnosis. There have been lawsuits against Hernia Mesh implants for this reason. However, this condition is very overlooked, dismissed, and underdiagnosed. The medical community needs to take accountability for their actions and acknowledge the effects of these devices/implants. Please recognize this as an issue, and take action, because if this happened to someone you love or you, you would be going through a nightmare.