The Gulf : Enough is Enough

The Gulf is a Warning : It's Time for Real Change, Before It's Too Late

Enough is enough. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is an environmental disaster that threatens profound social and economic damage.

It is apparent that the current political system creates impotent politicians. We continue to fund terrorists through our purchase of fossil fuels and damage our environment and threaten our future.

The time for change is now. The change needs to be about a change in your priorities. You are in Washington to serve us.

We the people will do everything possible to clean up the damage from this mess and prevent future ones like it.

We the people, will not vote for any elected official that does not stand for term limits. You are not in Washington to be career politicians. You are there to do the right thing. Now, do the right thing.

Fossil fuels fund terrorism and kill our environment. As a representative of the people we demand that you do the right thing.

The right thing for you to do, for your kids and ours, is to:

- pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation,

- commit to renewable power and fuel and not just talk about it,

- force states, through your funding decisions, to invest in electrical power stations,

- force car companies to develop and invest more in electrical powered cars, or tax their revenues, or increase tariffs, if they don't,

- commit and act on dramatically cutting our dependence on fossil fuel,

- dramatically reduce this countries spending on fossil fuels, either through a sin tax on fossil fuel sold, & use the revenues as grant money for private enterprises who are focused on renewable, clean energy solutions.

- require oil companies to cut their pollution each year and invest a large percentage of their profits into renewable energy systems.

Stop funding terrorism. You have the power to do this. Do it.

Killing people won't do it. Killing people antagonizes them even further and perpetuates more of the same. Use the money to find solutions. The solutions will not come from government.

The money saved needs to go into the private system where innovation occurs. The status quo is negligent, at best.

Stop talking about "energy and climate legislation." Stand up and do something that actually matters. A clean energy future is what America and the world needs to turn around this economy.

Communism failed because central governments do not create innovation. Your job is to spur innovation and to tax behaviors that are going to destroy us. Do your job and do it right.

Our economy will dramatically improve once you tax the wrongdoers and fund people who truly want change. Change doesn't happen at your level. It happens with people.

We had a "race to the moon." Why not stand for "global clean energy race."

Now, this is something you can be proud of before you leave this earth. Or would you rather, know that you had a warning about the possible future, but didn't do what was right?