The COICA Bill = Unamerican and the start of 'Big Brother' Gov Censorship

Stop the House of Rep's from passing this Orwellian Travesty!

We as American citizens, users of the Internet, ask the House of Representatives and Senate to vote NO on the "Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act". This bill is unamerican, and will not be 'combating online infringement', but would be Infringing on our rights without a doubt! Times are changing, and the internet needs to stay free! The "problem" of online copyright infringement is not the internet's fault, but more-so the fault of greedy multimillion-dollar Media corporations with bottomless pockets that don't want their "property" (which 90% of the time was not actually created by them) to be utilized for good and decent causes that harm no one. These fat-cat media corporations only fear a loss of control of the public and society, something they cannot imagine life without. But as mentioned previously, times are changing drastically. The days of their control over media sources they use to keep us "hooked" and feeding off of them are numbered. We as citizens of the United States will not tolerate this Big Brother Oppression. If this bill is passed, what's next? It will only get worse and worse with this bill passed. The FREE, UNCENSORED internet has become a cornerstone of the modern world and censoring it will only cause many, many more problems. We cannot allow this bill to be passed! Please Sign this petition if you want the internet to stay free and neutral!