The Boundaries Of The United States

We Should Have Better Laws About Our Heritage,Culture And Possibilities For Any Race,Gender And Formality.We Need To Be Clear About Every Subject That Bounds Or Not To Take Informative Action.A Law That Clearly States The Ways Of The Environment And It's Skills.So As To Take Informative Action That The Government Needs To Stand Firm And Is To Look At Possibilities That May Cause A Crisis Or A Undevelopmental Of Skills,Knowledge And Power To The World Going On And Not Keeping The Government A Float.We Also Should Have Better Knowledge About Being More Keen To Our Senses About Other States And Cities As A World View In The Eyes Of Their Own As They May Need To Have Form And Conductivity In Their Own Challenges They Face Leading To Global Leaders Or Any Person Who Runs A Job For Their Own Country To Make Extensive Incredible Thinkers To Win A Challenge And Not A Battle That Constitutes The Knowledge And Skill Level Of An Expert.