The American King

I am petitioning or simply writing to you to inform our beautiful country that it has the ability to not only become United for the first time together, but to be one with my family as well. The families and nation's of the British Commonwealth or Empire, The United Kingdom, The Royal Family and King of England, The Germanic Kingdom, and most importantly the Chief of the 5 original native American Indians. I am the last blood of Enoch, the son of not only Princess Diana Spencer of Wales, but son of Shell Silverstein; former American Poet, Children's book author and Grammy winning musician. So please, let's take the opportunity together to unite the nation's and ignite a torch that represents not only all of us Olympians, but an everlasting torch representing peace. My name is Jason William Shaver-Spencer and I'm ready to get to work for the people and country I love. God Bless
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