The 8/1/18 Complaint by National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty is being ignored as LAPD cover-up by California Attorney General Becerra. He needs to Fully investigate the Matter

disinformation tactics are used By the California Attorney general, Xavier Becerra. The LAPD Crime buster Vigilante Facebook Scandal is about LAPD Brass, Chief Moore an Deputy Chief Kris Pitcher use of vigilantes to harass homeless and Whistle Blowers. Pitcher and Deputy Los Angeles City Attorney Karine Philips belonged to a secret Vigilante Facebook group wherein routine vigilante and LAPD postings about doing violent and terror crimes onto Los Angeles Homeless. Becerra now refuses to investigate or even discuss the complaint. The obvious evidence contained in 35 captured Vigilante Facebook postings present a Primal Facie case of Los Angeles Vigilante crime and the corruption of the Los Angeles Superior Courts and Municipal Court. Van Nus court shows blatant vigilante protection and even trial rigging. Both judge Harmon, the ex Los Angeles District Attorney and judge Mulcahy are on the hook to explain corrupt Actions, Why did judge Harmon allow a prosecution team of all Vigilante Facebook Los Angeles Neighborhood prosecutor andNovember 10, 2019
The Honorable Tani G. Cantil-Sakauve
Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court,
455 Golden Gate Av.
San Francisco, CA 94102-3688

Dear Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauve;
I’m Edward Ryan a Los Angeles Political activist and former Massachusetts attorney. I am reporting a deputy City Attorney for ethical violation and “Jury trial Rigging” issues, to the California Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court,
In a recent letter to Los Angeles Presiding Judge Kevine Brazile , I request he investigate specific ionstances of the corrupting of the LA court by LAPD Oficers and citizen vigilantes. The 60 vigilante and LAPD officer Crimebuster Facebook postings that comprise the bulk of the 8/1/18 complaint filed by National Homeless advocacy group, show plenty of evidence that The LAPD Vigilantes ran an organized gang-stalkiong terror crew to deter target homeless in the Topanga region. The LAPD Brass as spun this issue with disinformation by decaruing a couple of LAPD SLO vigilante group members to be required to aqttend a LKAPD social media class because their captured postings showed insulting language as to the homelewss. TRecently LAPD Chief Moore met with some of the group members and ordered no more LAPD officers to post on the DSite,. Since then the issue has died because the Attoreny general refusal to investigate, probably relying on the baloney logiuc that LAPD Com manmd al;ready took care of the issue, as per Chief Moores sand Deputy Chief Pitcher shallow perspective. The LAPD Command is using disinformation to cover up the real truth. The 60 postings and accvompanying phjotographs and vkidios prove that gtroup members are closely fo;;owing or stalking gvictims. With no investigation the truth is hidden, but what happens is that homeless victims of the stalking are ;lprovoked by terror, threats, theft and poisoning to do acts of seklf defense, The LAPD SLO’s who are also group members then quivckly swoop in and arrest the homeless victim by portraying the self defensive act as a random crime done by a deranged nhomeless person. This is done routyinely bny the LAPD arresting SLO failing to include the triue facts about the up-front vigilante harassment in the police report. As Seen later in this letter. The SLO’s then work with corrupt Neighborhood prosecutors and the false police report is used to keep the victim in jail for months as he is held pretrial. Convictions and long terms of ;probation are obtained by corrupt courts using false policereports. The bvkictim is forced to accept these terms gto take a plea deal by pleading no contest. Once on probation, the LAPD gets the homeless victim sent to jail for years for the most minkior of violations.
In these 60 postings is enough ;primary information to laiunch an investigation to prove this. Investigate the case load of GTopanga Neighjborhood prosecutor Karin Philips from the 2o14 date of her hiring through the present. Her case load wi,ll be composed at least 80 to 90 persent of homeless prosecutions. Why, nbecause she is a vigilante group member and she catches the cxases the SLO’s want done. The scam is community police working with vigilante residents to keep homeless out. How many vigilante group members are the complaining witness in cases brought by Philps. in the police report in oreto the Attorney General postiongs, captured“Community Stalking” terror harassment set forth a full account of my interest in this matter as I was a victim of these and ogther LAPD vigilantes crews. My efforts have the LAPD vigilantes and their Los Angeles Court corruption and the fact that they use Terror Gang-stalking or Community Stalking are often hacked and stymied by LA political cowardness as the entire issue is purposely being ignored by elected officials not willing to investigate the LAPD’s leading role in this anti- homeless vigilante court corrupting issues. Even Xavier Becerra, the California Attorney General is unwilling to investigate the valid comprehensive complaint filed with his office on 8/1/18 by prominent national and regional homeless advocates See complaint. The LA Mayor Garcetti is refusing to make any statement whatsoever even though this is well known very real corrupting force that hurting LA people right now. Likewise, the entire LA City Council is totally silent on the issue. The silence of these LA elected officials empowers the criminal vigilante forces that emanate from the LAPD and The LA City Attorney’s office. This failure in political courage by LA elected officials is especially wrong for the Attorney General Becerra. Becerra is practically complicit in the Vigilante Corruption at issue and I ask that you protect the California Judicial Council from whatever evil force now deprives him of the courage to do the right thing for the people of LA a d investigate this matte

Deputy Chief pitcher has been publicly saying the LAPD SLO officers who were members of the group did make the mistake of using insulting language when posting on Facebook. He and LASPD Chief Moore first sought to quell the matter in early September by allowing that the problem from the Crime buster Grew up in the san Fernando Valley and was the brought the first classes of LAPD citizen volunteers on line, ostensibly to general fight crime, but in reality he oversaw the institutionalization of vigilante forces in the LAPD acting Chief of the san Fernando valley for the last two years. As deputy chief he and being a lifelong resident of the valley he acts to empower those people most extreme in their hatred of the homeless who have increased in number flor the valley the same period as the LA court corruption is being intentional minimized by a corrupt member of la Why? Deputy Chief Kris Pitcher who was the lapd chief for the san Fernando valley is a major player in this LAPD is was one of to LAPD Deputy Chiefs who belonged to the closed Crime buster Facebook group that became a LAPD clearing house the court corrupting corruption originates with the LAPD Command willingness to use LA police , the LA courts and the LA jail as a
Because of the intensity of this powerful controlling force that has shut the mouths of LA elected officials I ask you to not only oversee the proper consideration is given the Kaiune Philips maled today by certified mail to the LA office of the Cal Bar, but to also place this matter on the earliest possible California Judicial Council agenda for a vote by the council to order a full and complete investigation of the very thing the Cal Attorney General is ethically incapable of doing. complaint Because it is my belief that LAPD vigilante corruption combined with Neighborhood prosecutors working with LAPD SLO’s to corrupt the LAS Courts in other parts of LA by doing things like what is now seen in the Topanga region. Attorney General who is charged with protecting the public against such police and court corruption, has that are related to her Membership in a closed anti-homeless Crime buster Facebook group. Screenshots of captured postings from the vigilante group are often criminal in nature. civil nature
Published In 2016 a volunteer with the Los Angeles Police Department Division of Community Policing at the LAPD Topanga Community Police Station Formed two closed Facebook Groups. The groups became vigilante in nature and Los Angeles City Attorney and Neighborhood Prosecutor for the LAPD Topanga station, Karine Philips, violated legal ethics as set forth in “Code of Professional Responsibility" for members of the California Bar. She is long-time member of LA Crime buster Vigilante Facebook groups while other members planned and did criminal acts and dehumanizing acts on too homeless Bracketed below is part of an article published In "Koreatown" August 12 ,2019. This article and other articles declare Atty Philips a group member and no article recanting this information has been published.
In 2016, Fern Peskin-White, an LAPD volunteer at the Topanga Division, began creating Facebook groups targeting homeless people in the West San Fernando Valley. As of the date of this publishing, “Crimebusters of West Hills and Woodland Hills” has 10,940 members and “Homeless Transient Encampments of our West Valley” has 3,335 members.
Screenshots from the group pages show evidence of stalking, harassment, intimidation, verbal abuse, and violence carried out by the groups’ members against homeless people. In many cases, LAPD officers post private information of homeless individuals, including their medical information and whereabouts.
The participation of LAPD officers in these groups gives tacit permission to vigilante acts. Members include: LAPD Deputy Chief Kris Pitcher, former LAPD Deputy Chief John Sherman (ret. 2018), former LAPD SLO Brent Rygh (ret. 2018), LAPD Topanga Division Sergeant Karen Rayner, LAPD Senior Lead Officer (SLO) Sean Dinse, LAPD SLO Duke Dao, LAPD SLO Daryl Scoggins, LAPD SLO Gabriel Ahedo, LAPD SLO John Catalano, LAPD SLO Kari McNamee, LAPD SLO Jose Fernandez, LAPD Officer William Jones, LAPD Topanga Police Service Representative Monica Fairbanks, and Deputy City Attorney Karine Philips}. On 8/1/18 a complaint filed by national and regional Homeless advocacy groups with the Office of The California Attorney General's alleging the two Facebook groups referred to above, were engaged in organizing, planning and doing harassment and abuse onto homeless members of the public. The complaint included over 50 postings that were captured by screenshot. Several posted videos were also capture. The postings and videos were viewed as vigilante in nature as they concerned harassment and abuse of targeted homeless members of the community. see C:\Users\Ed\Downloads\CAL. ATTORNEY GENERAL COMPLAINT LAPD CRIMEBUSTER VIGILANTE.docx. Multiple postings from citizen community members contained messages supporting or planning to engage in violent criminal acts upon targeted members of the homeless community. Pg. 30 of the Complaint to the Attorney General may have involved Attorney Philips as SLO Dines posting as leaving the courthouse after the Perelman arraignment since Attorney Philips was involved in the arraignment. In that posting Civilian and vigilante group member Susan Epstein Fishman posts information as to the street location and covered condition of Perelman's car. This posting indicates that Fishman was engaged in community stalking as she is mobile and conveying information to other group members where to find Perelman's car so they also can engage in community stalking. Kevin Perelman above website does show that he is mentally ill with paranoia, but he does complain of being community stalked by this group, and that community stalking is a form of "no touch" torture designed to make the target victim suffer breakdown and paranoia. The postings concerned the planning and doing of criminal acts upon targeted members of the homeless community. Violations included criminal laws that make it illegal to use electronic devises to conspire to do criminal acts. Messages that indicated the organized following with intent to criminally victimize violate state and federal anti-stalking laws making it a crime to stalk or conspire to stalk. Attorney Karine Philips is violating multiple California Legal ethical standards by being a being a member of the same Facebook group that are engaged in doing or conspiring to do crimes as described above. She is violating her duty does not commit criminal acts by being a member of Facebook groups wherein group members conspire to commit violent crimes upon targeted homeless members of the community. Page 28-33 of the complaint to the Attorney General LAPD SLO Dines refers to prosecuting Kevin Perelman for littering and in doing so he further schemes to have the Neighborhood Prosecutor, who is Attorney Karine Phillips, oversee the matter. Kevin Perelman is fully prosecuted at jury trial by Atty. Philips, and at no time does she fully disclose to the court in that matter that she is a member of a secret vigilante Facebook group wherein the legal fate of Kevin Perelman is posted about. The transcripts of the trial ( W04099-01 CASE NAME: PEOPLE VS. KEVIN PERELMAN DEPARTMENT 113 HON. ERIC P. HARMON, JUDGE) and information about an ongoing feud between SLO Dines, Prosecutor Atty. Philips and Kevin Perelman can be found at,
For The above reasons, it is important that you act in your capacity as Chair of the California Judicial Council and order a full investigation of this matter, and to insure that my upcoming formal complaint, filed with the Los Angeles Office of to the California Board of Bar Overseers, is properly investigated.
Thank You.
Edward Ryan, 2/21/60

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