The 2nd Ammendment insured a well-ordered militia. It says nothing about automtic weapons inthe hands of the rank and file

Our founding fathers knew nothing about automatic, rapid-fire assault type arms. No sports has need for such either. No one but trained military or law enforcement has legitimate need for assault weapons. No civilian should be able to purchase them. Micro-serialization must be applied to all all ammo. Private re-loaders must imprint ID on every round. Only then, will we begin to stem the awful frequency of carnage in this country. Thanks to the gun lobby, it is now safer on the streets of Kabul than Kansas City, for instance.

Yes, I am a vet and former gun owner enjoyed hunting for sport while growing up in the Midwest. I am through supporting 2nd Annendement rights that purport to be for the public good.Respectfully,
Robertt E. Andrews