Terrorist Islamists attacks on Christian people and their churches in Egypt left 12 people dead, injuring 210 and 2 churches burned

Save Christians of Egypt

As an American who stands for liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness, I am contacting you asking for help for Christian people in Egypt whom are under constant attack from conservative Islamists.

The attack on the church was the latest sign of assertiveness by an extreme, ultraconservative movement of Muslims known as Salafis, whose increasing hostility toward Egypt's Coptic Christians over the past few months has met with little interference from the country's military rulers. About 5000 conservative Islamists known as Salafists massed outside the Saint Mina Church in the Cairo suburb of Imbaba on Saturday Residents of the low-income neighborhood of Imbaba said hundreds of Muslim men armed with small weapons and guns attacked the churches, the men began searching the neighborhood around Mar Mina Church.

As Christians congregated to defend the neighborhood and prevent the Muslims from entering the church, the confrontation escalated. Salafis torched two nearby homes before setting upon the nearby Mar Mina Church, which had been left largely unguarded. The attackers used Motolov cocktails to char the first four floors of the five-story church. Another church nearby, Saint Mary's, was set on fire and badly damaged in the overnight attacks

The conservative Islamists? attacks on Christian people and their churches on Saturday was Egypt's worst since 13 people died in violence on March 9 sparked by a church burning and throws down a new challenge for generals ruling the country since the overthrow of President Mubarak Severe religious freedom violations engaged in or tolerated by the government [of Egypt] have increased dramatically since then, with violence, including murder, escalating against Coptic Christians and other religious minorities. Such violence continues unabated without the government's bringing the perpetrators to justice. The army is in a state of confusion, it is afraid to take serious action against extremists so as not to be accused of suppressing these movements. As a fellow American and a constituent I call upon you and your colleagues at the US Congress and the Senate to take the necessary actions to stop the prosecution of Christian people in Egypt We, the people of the United States of America, condemn these acts of barbaric hatred and targeted persecution against our fellow brethren in Egypt. The threats are imminent and the attacks will continue.

We require the intervention of the United States of America in order to re-establish the respect of the human and civil rights of the Christians Egyptian in their fatherland. We require the United States to act with the Egyptian and the international governments and institutions in defense of the existence, and for the respect of the life and history, of the Christians in Egypt. We demand Congressional response and action to this and other heinous attacks on the Christian population of Egypt in the form of a Congressional hearing to address the painful absence of basic, fundamental human rights in Egypt.