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Motion in Removal Proceedings

I am writing on behalf of my brother; a citizen of Cameroon who arrived in the USA on February 20, 2000 with the intention of seeking protection. Upon arrival at the Atlanta Airport, he was arrested and put in detention by US Immigration and Customs (ICE) at Dekalb County Jail. While in detention, my brother was severely injured by an angry inmate and sustained an eye orbital fracture in the left eye (Exhibit pictures available). Although he sought medical treatment while in detention; he was never taken in for surgery as recommended by the jail attending physician. He was later released from ICE detention in June 2000 with a damage eye and left on his own for treatment. He subsequently got admitted at Grady Memorial Hospital where he underwent surgeries. This situation caused him to miss his court hearing on July 17, 2000 and the Immigration Judge on that day ordered my brother been removed in absentia. Despite several motions to reopen removal proceedings base on exceptional circumstances, the immigration judge had persistently maintained his original decision and my brother was never given the opportunity to prove his case and be heard. In this great country of Human Rights and Human Dignity, how could the severity of an inmate?s injury at a precious body sight leading to 5 reconstructive surgeries be downplayed and neglected? Worse again; on May 2009 my brother was arrested by ICE due to his outstanding order of removal and is currently detained at Irwin County Detention Facility. He is abandoning behind two children of 6.5 years and 24 months that he is been blessed with and whose survival completely depend upon him. One of whom is a special need child and is currently very sick. Because his injured eyes constantly necessitate serious attention, we are presently very concern as well of his health situation.