Tell Congress to Help Unemployed Workers over 60 to get a job - thru TAX INCENTIVES

Employers get a Tax Incentive to hire VETS. Please do the same and help workers over 60, to get jobs thru tax-incentives.

During the Obama Administration, Obama hurt Oil & Energy workers along with millions more. So many were forced to dip into their savings to survive. Those over 60, can't get a job due to discrimination. Employers ask on their Job Applications "WHAT YEAR WERE YOU BORN AND WHAT YEAR DID YOU GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE OR HIGH SCHOOL".

Workers over 60, can't retire due to financial losses. We can NEITHER get Health Insurance or w just can't afford Health Insurance

Please sign this petition and give companies and corporations TAX INCENTIVES so they will hire experienced workers over 60 years of age.

Thank You & God Bless
Makes America Great Again

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