Teacher Student Loans

If you can read this, then thank a teacher and sign this petition.

Have you thanked your primary and secondary educators lately? Do you honestly think that a 1.5% pay increase is enough thanks? The reason most teachers leave the profession is not because of discipline or pay issues, it is student loans! Yearly increases in pay does not help my student loan issue, it creates more bills. Why do teachers constantly stay in school? To avoid paying their student loans. Have you paid your student loans off? Try making the payments with a first-year teacher's salary and live a comfortable life. I would rather have my loan forgiven for a certain amount each time I sign a contract with a school system than to have yearly pay increases that doesn't cover a year worth of payments. You say you want highly qualified educators but you are not willing to look at their financial stress they had to endure to get there. Stop begging for teachers if you are not going to pay for their education.