Taxed Enough Already

Cut Pork-Barrel Spending - Stop Printing Money - Balance the Budget!

We the People say NO!!! STOP ALL bailouts, control wasteful pork-barrel spending, reduce government agencies, and eliminate Congressional Earmarks so the budget can be balanced. Put all Bills in laymen's terms and publish them on State and Federal websites for the constituents to read. WE the people, would like to know the outcome of how our representatives vote more easily. WE want Term Limits and NO permanent pensions or lifetime health insurance for Congress! Pay your own way just like the rest of us. Tie Congressional pay to performance like most Americans and if you CAN'T balance the budget then YOU deserve a PAY CUT!!!! Let the free market not government control Wall Street. WE the People say it is time for a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people!!"