Tax cuts for the wealthy do not take precedent over food and shelter for the unemployed.

For far too long the middle class and poor have been politely silent while those with influence and deep pockets have manipulated our processes in this country. Please join me in petitioning our elected officals to do what is right for those who's vo

President Obama and Elected Officials:

Once again, we are witnessing politcial posturing that does not stand up to a commitment of "doing the people' business".

In good conscience we do not know how you can consider allowing the Bush Tax Cuts for wealthy Americans to stay in place, while at the same time denying extended unemployment benefits to Americans who are hard-working and productive citizens caught up in an economic mess which is the product of a decade of misguided governing by our leadership when they saw the writing on the wall.

We the undersigned citizens of the United States of America respectfully, but with resolve, insist that you extend unemployment benefits, and resind the Bush Tax Cuts for those earning in excess of $250,000. If a compromise is NEEDED, raise the threshold to $500,000.

The cost of not doing the right thing for people who are desperately in need of minimal unemployment benefits, should be far greater than any posture you feel is needed to insure the extension of your "political career" .