Targeted individuals regain all constitutional rights back!

To whom this may concern: I am a targeted individual. I have been targeted I've noticed for about 4 years now. And it has drastically changed my life as far as the unspeakable crimes that has been committed against me as well as other targeted individuals. My character has been destroyed my family has been destroyed my life and everything that I've owned or ever had has been destroyed all because of what I believe in and choose to speak on which is the none other than the truth I'm an American citizen who pays taxes getting gang stalked by other Americans and other immigrants from other countries legal and I feel as though the American people that are connected or any country that are that's connected with this horrible horrible organization is horrible gang stalking organized crimes who are the real criminals the real bread and low real terrorist to the American people to people all over the world that wants peace love and unity. This needs to stop we were innocent people who are losing her life each and every day 2 people who has taken off and people that are in control that we are supposed to trust believe and believe to do the right thing to uphold the laws of the land and the constitutional rights of America! And American citizens. Thank you.
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