Targeted individual

Around September I was targeted by a jealous neighbor seeking revenge because I got a ride to my doctor from another man. I never even knew he was interested in me on that level until my whole world came crashing down on me. Soon there after "the ride" my life spiraled out of control. My job became what I referred to as headquarters which suddenly had completely new customers. These customers or agents would statre at me and whisper things they shouldn't know about me and often take pictures of me. Even my regulars were treating me totally different like they knew something. I started noticing droids at my windows, people following me at Walmart, words saying "We see you on my window," All phones including my minor children's tablets were hacked taking photos of us and using all our data. About a month ago I got chased out of my work by a girl threatening to hurt me. My anxiety and stress got so. Bad I started missing 2 days of every week then depression gott so bad I stopped going to work. I barely talk to my family or friends anymore because it's not fair for them to be stalked too. I lost my boyfriend because my anxiety got so bad I stopped trusting him. These people destroyed my vehicle. and I'm afraid to go back to work to get it fixed. I could go on and on about things they did to destroy me and my babies ages 4,7 and 8. I am asking you guys to use your power for good and destroy gang stalking and gaslighting. If it us an effort to stop drug addiction then you know nothing. People need incentives and love maybe reward based programs to stop drug addiction because its not a crime it's a disease that effects addicts on a subconscious level making us unable to use our free will, reasoning and attention disabling its users. Please stop this Nonsense and let's make our world a better place. Thank you for your time.