Take Action Against The Oil Disaster Now!

Take Action Now Before Anymore of The Gulf Coast is Destroyed!

Dear Mr. President and Honorable members of the United States Congress:

We, the undersigned, demand that you take the following actions immediately:

1- Remove British Petroleum (all of its officers and executives) from control of and participation in the response to the current oil disaster at the Deepwater Horizon Well. (Their actions to date have been a travesty: blocking media access; lying; ineptness; criminal negligence, etc)

2- That you order discontinuation of all chemical dispersants immediately. (They are toxic and causing more harm and killing marine life and driving the oil deeper where it can not be recovered)

3- Deploy all available Supertankers to the spill region to begin skimming operations. (Which has been shown to be 85% effective in recapture of oil from ocean waters in spills of this magnitude).

4- Employ any and all means to stop the flow of oil from the damaged well in the most expeditious means possible even if that means detonation and destruction of the well.

5- Indicte and prosecute the representatives and executives from BP, Haliburton, and Transocean responsible for this disaster and the negligent response to it.

6- Seize all BP assets in North America and hold them collateral until full restitution is made for the destruction caused by this disaster.