TAAP (Teachers Against Abusive Parents)

Signing this petition will give strength to teachers to speak up to abusive parents without the fear of losing their job

I am a teacher who has been in the teaching profession for the past 33 years. I have seen so many fine and hard-working teachers going through heart aches and pains created by helicopter, micromanaging parents. These parents are quick to judge the teachers when their child does not produce a grade that is acceptable to the parent. Instead of working with the teacher to help the child do his/her best, the teacher is blamed. Many teachers are afraid to speak up to the parents for fear of the school being sued and the teacher losing the job. Many fine teachers throught the country are leaving their profession because of these abusive parents. Every school throughout the country should have a TAAP committee made-up of teachers who will handle these parents in a constructive way. There has to be some sort of consequences for these parents for demeaning, abusing teachers and suing the school board. Many schools give-in to the demands of these parents to avoid being sued. Demands such as adjusting the lesson so that the child can get an easy A. We have to have some clause in our education system that says "parents cannot sue an academic institution" and "teachers who speak-up will not lose their job". Teaching is a noble profession and no teacher has to be dehumanized and criticized by a parent because that parent has a child that does not meet his/her expectations.