T.O.B.I.....( Tired of being ignored)

Child protective services....removed two of my kids in 2015....I who hadn't lived with my kids in about 1 and a half years... refused to give me my two kids....even tho I had a 50 50 joint custody order ........ Cps used my criminal history against me.even tho I had nothing on my record that said I ever did anything to harm a cps had just contacted me in 2014 at the end of a prison sentence and gave me a chance to be with a daughter that I never knew I had...eventually on Nov 14 2014 I was granted full custody of a daughter from a different relationship.....but a year later I was told that I couldn't have the other two.....even after all the evidence of a mental breakdown by the mom....that put my kids in danger every day....cps returned my kids to there mom....then she disappears with my kids and then I get a phone call years later from cps in a different county asking me if the kids were with me because there mom said so...and the first thing that came to my mind was that she killed my kids.....but luckily that wasn't the case...she locked my kids up in a abandon popup trailer with no food no electric for days at a time........and the torment that they were put threw would. Low your mind....and the county of Riverside is responsible.....and the worker that called me about the kids said that the mom had and untreated medical mental condition that stopped her for caring for her kids...leading her to put my kids in situations that put there lives in me expose cps for this unthinkable abuse that riverside allowed to happen to two of my kids....and when asked if I would like to have them I said yes.....but after taking the piss test I was told that they would be getting back to me soon....well when they did they told me that my urine. Came up missing....there's a whole lot more